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Disney Crossy Road Character Unlock List

This page lists the unlockable characters in Disney Crossy Road and the steps to unlock each.


CharacterHow to Unlock
AladdinGacha machine
JasmineGacha machine
The SultanGacha machine
Prince AchmedGacha machine
GazeemGacha machine
RazoulGacha machine
RajahGacha machine
IagoGacha machine
AbuGacha machine
GenieGacha machine
JafarGacha machine
Magic CarpetGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
Snake CharmerComplete six Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Pink FlamingoComplete the Agrabah Royalty Set
Beggar JafarComplete the Cave of Wonders Set
Magic LampPlay as Genie and zap 25 things
Golden Scarab BeetlePlay as Gazeem and Jafar and find both halves of the beetle
Elephant AbuComplete an Aladdin Weekend Challenge

Alice Through the Looking Glass

CharacterHow to Unlock
AbsolemGacha machine
Alice KingsleighGacha machine
BayardGacha machine
DormouseGacha machine
Frog Delivery ManGacha machine
Gentleman FishGacha machine
Knight Chess PieceGacha machine
Mad HatterGacha machine
March HareGacha machine
Red QueenGacha machine
TimeGacha machine
Tweedledee and TweedledumGacha machine
Vegetable ExecutionerGacha machine
White QueenGacha machine
White RabbitGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
BandersnatchGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Humpty DumptyComplete the Heroes of Wonderland set
Vegetable ServantComplete the Born to Serve set
Vegetable SoldierPlay as Green Army Man in Toy Story and hop until you get burned by a magnifying glass
WilkinsPlay as Time and collect 50 Roman numerals

Big Hero 6

CharacterHow to Unlock
BaymaxGacha machine
Go Go Super SuitGacha machine
Go Go TomagoGacha machine
Hiro HamadaGacha machine
Hiro Super SuitGacha machine
Honey LemonGacha machine
Honey Lemon Super SuitGacha machine
WasabiGacha machine
Wasabi Super SuitGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
Tadashi HamadaGet six check marks in Daily Missions
YokaiGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Alistair KreiComplete the Top Dogs set
CassPlay as Hiro and hop until you find her
FredComplete the Best Friends set
Fred Super SuitComplete the Suited Up set
Fred's DadPlay as Fred and get high score of at least 250
Robert CallaghanPlay as Alistair Krei and hop until you find him
YamaPlay as Hiro and get 50 points in 15 seconds

Finding Dory

CharacterHow to Unlock
BaileyGacha machine
CrushGacha machine
DestinyGacha machine
DoryGacha machine
GeraldGacha machine
HankGacha machine
MarlinGacha machine
NemoGacha machine
PearlGacha machine
SheldonGacha machine
SquirtGacha machine
TadGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
BeckyGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
BloatPlay as Nemo and swim until you find her
BubblesPlay as Nemo and swim until you find her
DebPlay as Nemo and swim until you find her
GillPlay as Nemo and swim until you find her
GurglePlay as Nemo and swim until you find her
JacquesComplete the Sydney Crew set
OtterComplete the Oxygen Lovers set

Haunted Mansion

CharacterHow to Unlock
ArmorGacha machine
ButlerGacha machine
Caretaker & DogGacha machine
ExecutionerGacha machine
GargoyleGacha machine
Madame LeotaGacha machine
MaidGacha machine
Prof. Phineas PlumpGacha machine
Sally SlaterGacha machine
SpiderGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
Doom BuggyGet six check marks in Daily Missions
MedusaGet six check marks in Daily Missions
MuseGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Cat LadyComplete the Leading Ladies set
Ezra BeanePlay as Prof. Phineas Plump and go past 25 Armor without dying
GusComplete the Spooky Spirits set
Horn PlayerPlay as Hook Hand in Tangled and play 10 pianos

Inside Out

CharacterHow to Unlock
AngerGacha machine
Bing BongGacha machine
Brain WorkerGacha machine
DaveGacha machine
DisgustGacha machine
FearGacha machine
Imaginary BoyfriendGacha machine
JoyGacha machine
PaulaGacha machine
SadnessGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
JanglesGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Abstract Bing BongPlay as Bing Bong and hop until you find the Abstract Thought door
Abstract JoyPlay as Abstract Bing Bong and hop until you find Abstract Joy
Abstract SadnessPlay as Abstract Bing Bong and hop until you find Abstract Sadness
BobbyComplete the Brain Maintenance set
Brazilian Helicopter PilotPlay as Sadness and hop until you find him
FrankPlay as Dave and hop until you find Bing Bong
FritzComplete the Feeling Emotional set

Jungle Book

CharacterHow to Unlock
AkelaGacha machine
BagheeraGacha machine
BalooGacha machine
CrocodileGacha machine
Flying SquirrelGacha machine
KaaGacha machine
King LouieGacha machine
MowgliGacha machine
PeacockGacha machine
Shere KhanGacha machine
VultureGacha machine
Secret Characters
Bandar-Log MonkeyComplete the Wild Animals set
Classic BalooPlay as Baloo and touch 10 fruit trees
Classic King LouiePlay as King Louie and collect 50 bananas
ElephantComplete the Welcome to the Jungle set

Lion King

CharacterHow to Unlock
Adult SimbaGacha machine
BanzaiGacha machine
GrubGacha machine
NalaGacha machine
OstrichGacha machine
PumbaaGacha machine
RafikiGacha machine
ShenziGacha machine
SimbaGacha machine
TimonGacha machine
ZazuGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
EdGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Adult NalaPlay as a Jungle Book character and get struck twice by lightning
GiraffeComplete the Big and Tall set
HippoComplete the Humble Beginnings set
MufasaPlay as Simba and hide behind rocks in wildebeest stampedes for a total of 12 seconds
ScarPlay as Mufasa and get hit by a wildebeest stampede

Mickey Mouse & Friends

CharacterHow to Unlock
Blue Dress MinnieGacha machine
ClarabelleGacha machine
DaisyGacha machine
DonaldGacha machine
GoofyGacha machine
HoraceGacha machine
MickeyGacha machine
PeteGacha machine
PlutoGacha machine
Polka Dot MinnieGacha machine
Willie the GiantGacha machine
Daily Mission Characters
Magician MickeyGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Train Conductor PeteGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
ButchHop 100 times as Pete
ChipComplete the Crazy Critters set
DaleComplete the Fab 5 set
FifiPlay as Pluto and collect 50 bones
Golden HarpHop 100 times as Willie the Giant
MortimerPlay as Mickey and hop until you find Mortimer


CharacterHow to Unlock
MoanaGacha machine
Chief TuiGacha machine
SinaGacha machine
FrigatebirdGacha machine
Gramma TalaGacha machine
PuaGacha machine
Kakamora ChiefGacha machine
MauiGacha machine
HeiheiGacha machine
Ghost MataiGacha machine
Secret Characters
Ghost Gramma TalaPlay as Gramma Tala and die 25 times
Chicken FeedPlay as Heihei and collect 25 chicken feed

Monsters, Inc.

CharacterHow to Unlock
BooGacha machine
C.D.A. AgentGacha machine
CeliaGacha machine
FlintGacha machine
MikeGacha machine
Mr. WaternooseGacha machine
NeedlemanGacha machine
RandallGacha machine
RozGacha machine
SmittyGacha machine
SulleyGacha machine
WaxfordGacha machine
Daily Mission Characters
HarleyGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Garbage CubePlay as Sulley and find a Garbage Cube
PhelgemComplete the Monsters, Inc. Heroes set
Simulation KidPlay as Sulley and scare ten Simulation Kids
SpikeComplete the Rough Around The Edges set
TonyComplete the Men At Work set


CharacterHow to Unlock
Fa MulanGacha machine
YaoGacha machine
LingGacha machine
Chien-PoGacha machine
Fa LiGacha machine
Fa ZhouGacha machine
Bride MulanGacha machine
HayabusaGacha machine
KhanGacha machine
Cri-KeeGacha machine
Little BrotherGacha machine
PingGacha machine
MushuGacha machine
Shan YuGacha machine
Captain Li ShangGacha machine
The EmperorGacha machine
BooGacha machine

Nightmare Before Christmas

CharacterHow to Unlock
LockGacha machine
ShockGacha machine
BarrelGacha machine
The VampiresGacha machine
Creature Under the StairsGacha machine
BehemothGacha machine
ZeroGacha machine
SallyGacha machine
The ClownGacha machine
The MayorGacha machine
Jack SkellingtonGacha machine
Dr. FinkelsteinGacha machine
Santa ClausGacha machine
Oogie BoogieGacha machine
CyclopsGacha machine
AngelicaGacha machine
Daily Mission Characters
WolfmanComplete six Daily Missions
The DevilComplete six Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Harlequin Demon
Easter BunnyPlay as Lock, Stock, or Barrel and find the Easter Bunny
Christmas ElfPlay as Santa Claus and collect 30 presents
Jewel FinkelsteinPlay as Dr. Finkelstein and walk up to a chemistry table

Pirates of the Carribean

CharacterHow to Unlock
AngelicaGacha machine
AuctioneerGacha machine
BlackbeardGacha machine
Bootstrap Bill TurnerGacha machine
CottonGacha machine
Elizabeth SwannGacha machine
Hector BarbossaGacha machine
Jack SparrowGacha machine
James NorringtonGacha machine
Joshamee GibbsGacha machine
MartyGacha machine
Tia DalmaGacha machine
Treasure ChestGacha machine
Will TurnerGacha machine
Secret Characters
PintelComplete the Heroes of the Carribean set
Prison DogPlay as Pintel and hop until you find Prison Dog
RagettiComplete the Cursed at Sea set
Stray CatPlay as Jack Sparrow and open treasure chests until you find Stray Cat
TinyPlay any Pirates of the Carribean character and hop until you find Tiny


CharacterHow to Unlock
AttilaGacha machine
Flynn RiderGacha machine
Hook HandGacha machine
MaximusGacha machine
PascalGacha machine
RapunzelGacha machine
Stabbington Brother #1Gacha machine
Stabbington Brother #2Gacha machine
UlfGacha machine
VladGacha machine
Secret Characters
Captain of the GuardsPlay as Maximus and collect a total of 50 apples
KingComplete the Honorable Men set
Mother GothelComplete the Feels Good to be Bad set
Rapunzel BraidedComplete the Tangled Heroes set
WarthogPlay as Attila and collect a total of 50 cupcakes

Toy Story

CharacterHow to Unlock
BabyheadGacha machine
Bo PeepGacha machine
BullseyeGacha machine
Buzz LightyearGacha machine
Emperor ZurgGacha machine
Green Army ManGacha machine
HammBuy for $4.99
Janey DollGacha machine
RexGacha machine
SlinkyGacha machine
TrixieGacha machine
WheezyGacha machine
WoodyGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
BookwormGet six check marks in Daily Challenges
Rocky GibraltarGet six check marks in Daily Challenges
Spanish BuzzGet six check marks in Daily Challenges
StretchGet six check marks in Daily Challenges
Secret Characters
Big BabyPlay as Buzz Lightyear and hop until you find the baby bottle
JessiePlay as Bullseye and collect 50 cherries
LennyComplete the Toy Story 1 set
Mint in the Box ProspectorUnlock the Prospector, then play as Jessie and hop until you find Mint in the Box Prospector
ProspectorComplete the Toy Story 2 set
Mrs. NesbittPlay as Woody and hop until you find Mrs. Nesbitt

Wreck-It Ralph

CharacterHow to Unlock
CalhounGacha machine
CandleheadGacha machine
FelixGacha machine
GeneGacha machine
Hero's Duty RalphGacha machine
King CandyGacha machine
MaryGacha machine
Princess VanellopeGacha machine
RalphGacha machine
Surge ProtectorGacha machine
Taffyta MuttonfudgeGacha machine
VanellopeGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
MintyGet six check marks in Daily Missions
RoyGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Sour BillGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
AdorabeezlePlay as Crumbelina and get a score of at least 1500 in under 35 seconds
Candy CornPlay as any Wreck-It Ralph character who can collect cherries, and collect 50 cherries
CrumbelinaPlay as Candlehead and get a score of at least 1500
DeannaComplete the Citizens of Niceland set
DonComplete the Short and Stout set
Gloyd OrangeboarPlay as Rancis Fluggerbutter and get a score of at least 1500
JubileenaPlay as Gloyd Orangeboar and get a score of at least 1500 in under 35 seconds
Rancis FluggerbutterComplete the Citizens of Sugar Rush set
SnowannaPlay as Taffyta Muttonfudge and get a score of at least 1500


CharacterHow to Unlock
BellwetherGacha machine
Chief BogoGacha machine
DougGacha machine
FinnickGacha machine
FlashGacha machine
GazelleGacha machine
Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.Gacha machine
ManchasGacha machine
Mayor LionheartGacha machine
Mr. BigGacha machine
Mr. OttertonGacha machine
Nick WildeGacha machine
Officer ClawhauserGacha machine
Judy HoppsGacha machine
Daily Missions Characters
NangiGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Officer McHornGet six check marks in Daily Missions
YaxGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Young Judy HoppsGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Young Nick WildeGet six check marks in Daily Missions
Secret Characters
Elephant FinnickComplete the Masters of Disguise set
GideonComplete the Top of the Food Chain set
Pig Hero SixPlay as Baymax and collect 50 batteries
WrangledPlay as Rapunzel and get hit by a horse 5 times
Wreck-It RhinoPlay as Ralph and destroy 50 items

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