Brahm's Mansion to Bodley Mansion

After getting Dracula's Eyeball from Brahm's Mansion, you should get the red crystal and go to Bodley Mansion.

Optional: Get the Diamond

If you didn't get the Diamond earlier go to the left from Brahm's Mansion and follow the path to the end, then talk to the Gypsy to get the Diamond. You can throw it and it will bounce off walls, damaging any enemies in its path. It's especially useful in enclosed places. After you get it, go to the right until you are in front of Brahm's Mansion again.

Ferry to Alba

Go to the right to find the Ferryman. Make sure that you do not have Dracula's Heart equipped. Talk to the Ferryman to make the ferry go to the right. However, you should stay on the ferry when it starts going to the left again. When it reaches the left side, jump off. You will be in a different area, although it will look the same as before. Go to the left and you should reach the town of Alba. (If not, make sure to unequip Dracula's Heart before talking to the ferryman.)

Get the Red Crystal

In Alba, go to the left until you see a grey man on a platform above you. Go up the stairs and talk to him to get the Red Crystal.

Get Garlic, but not Laurels

Don't get Laurels here. You will need at least one Garlic, so get that here if you don't have any, but otherwise, you should save up your hearts for another item that you can get soon.

Visit the Graveyard Duck

Go to the left from Alba to leave town. You'll be in the Sadam Woods. Use the Sacred Flame against the slimes, then go to the left. You can equip Dracula's Rib to deflect the flames from the Bone Dragons. Then keep going left and you will find some stairs. Go down those stairs. Don't go down the next set of stairs, but instead, jump (don't walk) off of the left side of the ledge. (If you walk off the ledge instead, you will fall through some fake blocks below.) From there, walk off the ledge to the left (if you jump, you might fall through the next set of fake blocks, into the poison swamp). This six-block platform has two fake blocks in the middle, so jump over those, then keep going to the left to reach the next area.

This is Strigoi cemetery. Go all the way to the left until you reach a dead end. Use Garlic to make a Gypsy appear. Talk to him to get the Silk Bag. This will allow you to carry more Laurels and Garlic.

Go to Ondol

Go back the way you came, going up the three flights of stairs into the Sadam Woods. From there, go to the left until you reach the town of Ondol.

Buy the Morning Star

The Morning Star is the second-best whip, and you can buy it here for 200 hearts. Definitely save up for this and get it before you go.

Buy Laurels

You are definitely going to need Laurels, so buy some if you don't have any. With the Silk Bag, you can carry 8 of them.

Go to the Mansion

When you are ready, go to the left from the town of Ondol and you will be in the Jam Wasteland. Go to the left, jumping off of the floating blocks just before they reach the top, and go left until you are at a dead end. Equip the Red Crystal (which you should have gotten in Alba) and kneel there until a tornado appears. It will take you to Bodley Mansion.