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Bug Warning

If you play the Super Famicom version of Tales of Phantasia on an emulator and use a translation patch, you might encounter errors. This page explains how to avoid some potential bugs.

Use the Latest Patch

When using a translation patch, be sure to find the latest version of the patch, because earlier versions may have bugs that were fixed in later versions.

Avoid Pre-Patched ROMs

Pre-patched ROMs might not be using the latest versions of the patch.

Question Mark Items

When using Rune Bottles on question-mark items in a patched ROM, a garbage item may appear in your inventory. You might be able to reduce the risk by using Rune Bottles on question-mark items right away, instead of waiting until later in the game.

However, don't use Rune Bottles on ?Weapon and ?Bow that you can sell. Just sell those question-mark items.

Avoid Save States If Possible

While save states are a very helpful feature of emulated gameplay, they also increase the risk of bugs when playing a patched game. If you use the in-game save points instead of save states, this may reduce the risk of bugs.

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