After battling the Empire on the cliffs of Narshe, Terra interacts with the Esper, then transforms and flies away. The others form a search party to find her.

Prepare to Leave Narshe

Before leaving Arvis's house, if you didn't get an Elixir from behind his clock earlier in the game, check behind his clock to find an Elixir. Before leaving Narshe, go to the southeast house in town to find many chests. You can buy new armor, weapons, and relics in town if you wish.

Figaro Castle

Go south from Narshe to Figaro Castle. If Sabin is with you, he will leave and look around the castle. To reunite with him, go to the open area in the middle of the castle and go into the door on the left, then go north through the door, and rest. There will be a cutscene about Sabin.

In the castle, buy items and tools for Edgar. Go back to the entrance hall of the castle and go down the stairs on the left. Tell the man that you want to go to Kohlingen.

Near Kohlingen
60. Red Fang/Bloodfang
61. Over Grunk/OverGunk/Paraladia
Ground or Forest:
62. Vulture
63. Mind Candy/MindCndy/Rock Wasp
64. FossilFang/FsslFang/Fossil Dragon

After the castle moves, go north to reach Kohlingen.


Shadow is in the Inn. If there are only three members in your party, you can pay Shadow to get him to join you temporarily.

There is an Elixir hidden in the clock in the top left house (Rachel's house). If you use the back entrance of the upper-right house, there is a chest to the left of the door.


Near Jidoor
Ground or Forest:
65. Iron Fist

Go south to Jidoor. It's south of the mountains. Upgrade your equipment there if you wish.

To go to Zozo, go east and north of Jidoor. You can rent a Chocobo in Jidoor and ride it to Zozo if you want to avoid battles.


66. HadesGigas/Hill Gigas
Outside or Indoors:
67. Gabbldegak/Gobbledygook
68. Harvester
69. SlamDancer/Veil Dancer

In Zozo, most people will lie to you, and none of the building signs are correct.

First, go to the "Inn" (north of the "Cafe") and check the clock. Change the time to 6:10:50 to reveal a staircase. Go up the stairs (walk into the wall where you see a red carpet) to get the Chainsaw, which is a tool for Edgar. Leave the "Inn" the way you came in.

Next, go to the "Relic Shop" in the southwest part of town. Make your way up the building. After you go through the part of the building where a bunch of bandits are walking through, skip the black door and go up to the brown door. Go in to find a chest. Then go back to the black door, go in, and press left to jump to the next building. Then go left again to jump to the building after that. Then go into the door to the left of where you landed.

Inside, go past the first narrow passage, then use the second narrow passage. Check the uppermost pots to get some items. Go south from those pots and exit the building. Go up the stairs, then go into the black door on the right, and walk right until you have jumped to the second building. Go up the stairs, then go into the door and go up the stairs there, then go outside when you reach the top. Go up the stairs, and go into the door that you find along the way to find a chest. Then go back outside and go up until you encounter Dadaluma.


Dadaluma will use powerful counterattacks if you hit him with Fight twice in a row or with offensive Magic twice in a row. Therefore, you should primarily use your characters' special skills such as Blitz, SwdTech/Bushido, Rage, Tools/Machine. Every 30 seconds, Dadaluma will call two Iron Fists into the battle if there aren't any and if you haven't cast Silence on him. After you have dealt Dadaluma at least 1350 HP of damage, he will use some Potions/Hi-Potions, then cast Safe/Protect on himself. If you have Celes with you, you can have her use Runic to prevent him from casting Safe/Protect on himself, but you will have to keep track of the damage that you have dealt in order to time it properly. (Or just have her do nothing but Runic until that point in the battle.)

After Dadaluma

After Dadaluma is gone, go upstairs and go through the door. In the top room, first go to the left and right to find some chests, then go up and check on Terra.

After the cutscene, take what Ramuh gave you, then go down and talk to whoever is waiting there for you. After another cutscene, you will have to choose up to two people to go with Locke and Celes. Sabin is a good choice. If you have Shadow with you and put him in this team, be aware that he will leave eventually. As before, you can change which characters are in your party by going back to Narshe.

For more information about how to use Espers, read How to Use Espers.

After choosing your party and equipping everyone with an Esper, leave Zozo and go south to Jidoor.