The Eight Dragons

In the World of Ruin, there are Eight Dragons lurking in specific locations. If you defeat all eight, you will get the CrusaderEsper, which teaches Meteor at a rate of x10 and Merton/Meltdownat a rate of 1.

Dragon Locations

The eight dragons can be found in the following locations:

Dragon NameLocation
Blue Drgn/Blue DragonAncient Castle
Dirt Drgn/Earth DragonOpera House (south of Jidoor)
Gold Drgn/Gold DragonKefka's Tower
Ice Drgn/Ice DragonNarshe Cliffs
Red Drgn/Red DragonPhoenix Cave
Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull DragonKefka's Tower
Storm Drgn/StrmDrgn/Storm DragonMt. Zozo
White Drgn/WhitDrgn/Holy DragonCultists' Tower

Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon

Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon is weak to Lightning. If anyone has Haste, Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon will cast Slow on itself, then use Rippler to swap its status with yours. There is a bug known as the Rippler bug, which could make Shadow lose Interceptor permanently, in addition to other potential effects. To avoid losing Interceptor permanently, don't use Shadow in this battle, or just don't use Haste on yourselves.

Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon uses Clean Sweep/Tsunami at the start of the battle, and uses it again at regular intervals. It typically attacks with Acid Rain, inflicting Seizure/Sap on everybody. Once its HP reaches 16384, it will start using Flash Rain and Aqua Rake/Aqua Breath.

When you attack Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon with anything, there is a chance that it will counterattack with a physical attack.

Dirt Drgn/Earth Dragon

Dirt Drgn/Earth Dragon is weak to Wind and Water. It uses attacks such as Quake, Magnitude8, and Land Slide/Rock Slide. If attacked with a physical attack, there is a chance that it will counterattack with Honed Tusk, a strong physical attack. If anyone has Float status, Dirt Drgn/Earth Dragon will use the move 50 Gs to remove the Float status. Dirt Drgn/Earth Dragon is vulnerable to Sleep, so you can try to use Sleep on it and then attack with magic in order to have some time to attack before it wakes up.

Gold Drgn/Gold Dragon

Gold Drgn/Gold Dragon is weak to Water. It only uses Lightning-elemental attacks, so if everyone in your party is protected against Lightning, Gold Drgn/Gold Dragon will not be able to damage you.

Ice Drgn/Ice Dragon

Ice Drgn/Ice Dragon is weak to Fire. It typically uses the attacks N. Cross/Northern Cross, Absolute 0/Absolute Zero, and sometimes Surge/Avalanche. It also has a chance of just using a physical attack. When it dies, it uses Surge/Avalanche one last time.

Red Drgn/Red Dragon

Red Drgn/Red Dragon is weak to Ice and Water. It usually casts Fire 2/Fira, but sometimes casts Fireball. After its HP reaches 10240, it starts using Flare, and sometimes Fire 3/Firaga. Also, the dragon will use either S. Cross/Southern Cross, Lv. 4 Flare, or Flare Star after a specific amount of time passes, and will keep doing so at intervals. If anyone has Rflect/Reflect, the dragon will use the move Eraser to remove Rflect from everybody. If attacked with a physical attack, there is a chance that it will counterattack with a physical attack.

Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull Dragon

Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull Dragon is weak to Fire and Pearl/Holy. Aside from standard physical attacks, it uses Doom/Death to inflict Condemned/Doom status (equip Safety Bits and Memento Rings to avoid this), and Elf Fire/Will o' the Wisp. It will also use the Disaster move, inflicting many status ailments (equip Ribbons to avoid this).

Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull Dragon will die if its MP becomes 0, so you could kill it by using Rasp. You can deliberately reduce a character's MP to 0, then have that character use Osmose to remove a lot of Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull Dragon's MP at once. Otherwise, use Fire and Pearl/Holy attacks.

Storm Drgn/StrmDrgn/Storm Dragon

Storm Drgn/StrmDrgn/Storm Dragon absorbs Wind, and is weak to Lightning. It attacks with Leaf Swirl/Rage, Wind Slash, Aero, and Cyclonic. Equip Thunder Shlds/Thunder Shields and Minervas/Minerva Bustiers to protect yourselves from many of its attacks.

White Drgn/WhitDrgn/Holy Dragon

White Drgn/WhitDrgn/Holy Dragon absorbs Pearl/Holyand has no elemental weaknesses. It is easy to defeat, however, because it only uses magic attacks, so if everyone equips a Wall Rings/Reflect Rings, the White Drgn/WhitDrgn/Holy Dragon will not be able to harm you at all.