Solitary Island

After Kefka moves the Warring Triad, the entire world changes. You awaken on Solitary Island.

Solitary Island

Solitary Island
Gravel and Sand:
117. Peepers/Peeper
118. EarthGuard/ErthGard/Land Ray
119. Black Drgn/BlakDrgn/Black Dragon

After the cutscene, equip Celes with weapons, armor, and the Sprint Shoes. Then leave the house, go out to the world map, and save the game.

You can choose whether or not to save Cid. To save him, go south from the house and press A to catch a fast fish, then talk to him to feed it to him. Don't catch any slow fish, because they will make Cid get sicker. Some medium fish will increase his health, but some will decrease it slightly. You can see which type of fish you have by looking at the Rare section of the Items menu. Unfortunately, you can't get rid of fish once you catch them, except by feeding them to Cid, so be sure to focus on getting fast fish. If there are only slow fish in the water, talk to Cid to reset the fish. There will be different fish in the water after you talk to him. However, there is a hidden timer that reduces Cid's health over time, so it is possible that he will die if you don't find fast fish soon enough. To try to prevent this, you might want to save the game and catch a medium-speed fish, and if it's not rotten (check the Rare section of the Items menu) feed it to him. If it is rotten, reload your saved game and try again.

Whether you saved Cid or not, you will get a raft and leave the island.

Next Step

Now that you are on a continent with populated towns, you should visit them to look for your friends.