The War of the Magi ruined the world and destroyed magic. Now, 1000 years later, technology has made a comeback, and some are trying to revive magic to enslave the world.


When you first start the game, there will be some dialogue, and then some opening credits will roll. Press a button if you want to skip them.


Enemies in Narshe
1. Guard
2. Lobo/Silver Lobo
3. Vomammoth/Vommamoth/Megalodoth

When you arrive in the town of Narshe, go north. First, two Guards attack you. Use any Magitek move against them. If you press Y to switch to the girl, she has more Magitek attacks at her disposal, including Bio Blast, which will kill all these enemies at once. After killing the two Guards, go north and two Lobos will attack you. Once again, any Magitek move will do. Then keep going north and two more Lobos/Silver Lobos attack, followed by two more guards. Go north again, and Lobos and Guards will attack from both sides. After that, keep going north until you reach the next screen.

Go north and some Guards and Vomammoths/Vommamoths/Megalodoths will attack. Go north after that, and there will be some dialogue from Vicks/Biggs and Wedge. Go north to enter the mine.

Narshe Mines

Enemies in Narshe Mines
4. Were-Rat/Wererat
5. Repo Man/Bandit
6. Vaporite/Spritzer

Go north. Monsters can attack at random. You won't see them approach you. Battles will just start randomly. You can use Bio Blast on everything except Were-Rats/Wererats, because poison heals them.

As you go north, you will see a sparkle to the left. This is a Save Point. Stand in it, and the game will offer to explain how to use it. Open your menu by pressing X, then choose Save and you can save the game in a save slot.

Keep going north and walk up to the gate in the back wall. One of the soldiers knocks it down. Go north, then the Whelk/Ymir will attack.


Don't attack the shell. If you do, Whelk/Ymir casts Mega Volt on a member of your party. Instead, attack the head when it appears. It does not have any particular weaknesses. While you are waiting for the head to appear, use Heal Force/Healing Force to restore your hit points. Whelk/Ymir will say "Gruuu" whenever it is about to disappear or reappear. Whelk/Ymir can cast Slime, which inflicts the Slow status on a party member, making his or her timer take longer to fill up.

The Esper

After the battle, go north until you find the frozen esper. Walk up to it. Afterward, the girl awakens in a bed in a house.