Locke's Scenario

After getting separated on Lete River/Lethe River, Locke goes to South Figaro to investigate the Empire's actions.

Sneak around South Figaro

Locke is not equipped with anything at the start of the scenario, so give him weapons and armor before doing anything else.

From your starting point, go south and west. Go up both flights of stairs, then go north and enter the item shop. Talk to the Merchant who is standing next to the clock, and steal instead of fight until you get his clothes. Be sure to equip the Plumed Hat that you stole from him.

Leave the item shop, go down one flight of stairs, and go into the house there. Go down the stairs in this house and talk to the kid. Then go to the area to the southeast and check on the bucket to get a Tonic/Potion. Go to the left, then go north through the door.

Go north until you find the weapon and armor shops. Buy weapons and armor if you wish. Then go up the stairs to the right of the armor shop, then follow the path to the left until you find a green soldier. Talk to him. Steal instead of fight until you get his clothes. Then check the bottom-right barrel to get an item.

Go back the way you came, until you are in front of the weapon and armor shops. Go to the house at the upper-left of the city. Talk to the guard who is south of the Magitek Armor. Go south and into the door next to the sign that says "Cafe". Go to the right side of the Cafe and go down the stairs, then talk to the Merchant, and Steal instead of Fight/Attack to steal his clothes and the cider.

Leave the Cafe. Go to the east part of town where there is a building with a water wheel. Enter the building south of that via the back entrance (marked by a path between the grass). You will find the kid who let you pass by earlier. Talk to the kid, then go up and talk to the old man in this house to give him his cider. Go back downstairs, and use the password "Courage". Go into the secret passage.

When you arrive in the basement of the rich man's house, check the clock in this room for an Elixir. Then go through the door to exit the house. Go right and down. Check the barrels in front of the house to find an item, then go through the door to enter the rich man's house. Go to the left and go up the stairs, then enter the first door that you encounter. Walk behind the bookshelf on the left, through another secret passage.

Secret Jail

Follow the path, and you will be prompted to change your clothes or not. It changes the dialogue slightly, but otherwise it doesn't matter.

Before doing anything else, go directly south to enter the wall, then go to the right to use a secret passage. There's a chest in each cell. One is hidden right behind the bars.

Go back up, then go east and check the first door. You will see a new character (default name: Celes). When the guard leaves, go in and remove Celes's chains. Check on the guard and take his clock key, and leave. Equip Celes with whatever you have. In the next jail cell, there is a save spot. In the room after that, don't miss any chests. There is one to the left of the book shelf, one below a clock, and two in the southeast corner. Check on the far-right clock and wind it, then go through the door that is revealed.

Under South Figaro
31. Commander
32. Vector Pup/Vector Hound

Celes has the Runic ability, which will absorb the next spell that anyone casts, replenishing Celes's MP by the amount of MP that was used to cast the spell (but if Celes is weak or strong to a spell, the MP that she absorbs will be different). Celes can only use Runic if she is equipped with a bladed weapon.

None of the enemies in this area use magic, so don't bother using Runic here.

Go east, then south to find a chest that contains Iron Armor. Go north, then east. You will see some chests, but can't reach them by going east, so go north instead and follow the path to reach the chests. You can use the equipment on Celes.

Go back the way you came until you are going south. Keep going south until you are in a hidden passage in the wall, then start trying to go left. Once you have entered the leftward secret passage, start trying to go south. Once you have entered the southward secret passage, keep going south, then go down the stairs.

Basement 2

Open all the chests down here. There is a chest hidden in the wall below the upper-most chest.

Go back upstairs, then go north through the passage in the wall until you can't go any farther. Then go east until you can't go any farther. Then go south as far as you can, then go west to find a chest.

Then go east until you find some stairs. Go up the stairs and walk up to the door. After some dialogue, go through the door, then go east to leave South Figaro. You can go back into town and check the nearby barrels and crates (behind the Chocobo stable) to get some items. Then leave South Figaro again.

Go north. Sabin's house is to the northeast, and you can rest there if you want to. Then go into the cave west of Sabin's house.

Figaro Cave

Second Time through Figaro Cave
33. Primordite/Primorde/Acrophies
34. Gold Bear
35. Trilobiter/Cartagra

Go north through the first door. In the next room go east and use the stairs there. In the next room, go down the stairs, then go east, north, west, and then north through first the door. In the next room, go to the water and check on it near the turtle. This will recover your health and MP.

Try going south from the recovery spring, and TunnelArmr/Tunnel Armor will attack.

TunnelArmr/Tunnel Armor

Celes should use Runic as soon as she can. Wait until she absorbs a magic attack, then have her use Runic again. Locke should use Fight/Attack at every turn, unless someone needs healing. Then he should use Tonics/Potions or Potions/Hi-Potions as necessary.

After the battle, if you have completed all three scenarios, you will proceed to the cliffs of Narshe. If you have not completed all three scenarios, then you will have to proceed to either Terra's scenario or Sabin's scenario.