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Captain's Quarters

When you are docked in a station, you see your character in his or her captain's quarters, where the character can walk around and check various interfaces, as well as see his or her active ship.

Moving Around in Captain's Quarters

By default, you can move your character around using the W, A, S, and D keys. You can change the key mapping by going to the ESC menu. You can also move your character around by double-clicking where you want to go.


On one of the walls in the captain's quarters is a full-length mirror. You can click on the mirror to enter the character customization screen. Here you can change your character's clothing, hair, and other features.


You can use a number of interfaces while in the captain's quarters. Near the couch, you can see screens displaying Incursion information, corporation information, and more. You can also access the new agent finder from this area. In addition, clicking the hologram of your ship will allow you to access the fitting screen, your cargo hold, and more.

Your Ship

From a hallway at the end of your captain's quarters, you can go out and see your ship in the station. There is a hologram of your ship that allows you to access the cargo hold and fitting screen as with the hologram near the couch in your quarters.

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